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Twitter had #FridayFeeling and
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Saturday morning
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 28, 2018

I don’t know what’s going on with Twitter but I know there’s something going on.

I got on the Twitter this morning around 10 o’clock. And low and behold, I look to my left and see trending #FridayFeeling and #funfactfriday.

Twitter Trends;

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that today is Saturday, not Friday.

I’m sure there are folks working over there at the Twitter during the weekend.

Somebody got to be there to keep the Twitter running. If ain’t nobody there to get that Twitter up whenever it goes down, that Twitter stock will hit the floor faster than a whore does at a Jamaican dance hall.

It’s just that unlike the whore on the Jamaican dance hall floor, that Twitter stock won’t bounce back up.

So yeah, I know somebody’s there at the Twitter. The only question is who are all of the people manning the fort that don’t know that Saturday is not Friday?

Now, I know there are those of you who will say, “That ain’t nothing. I get the days mixed up. I missed four days of work because I thought Friday was Monday.” I understand. Having said that, none of y’all are running a multi-million dollar corporation whereby you have to be Johnny on the Spot.

Little things like having an “ol folks day” and forgetting the day of the week will slim your wallet real quick and fast.

Plus, with Facebook on the ropes with all of that Russian loving going on and now getting in bed with China, Twitter can’t afford to get comfortable.

There’s an opening to take the top social media hangout spot. But Twitter can’t be the top social media hangout spot if they got the wrong thing trending on the wrong day.

It’s just like it is at a restaurant. You can’t tell folks it’s Taco Tuesday when it’s really Baby Back Rib Friday.

Folks got their lips all ready for some tacos and you got baby back ribs out. And you better not say nothing crazy like, “Hey, you got a calendar. Don’t you know how to read and tell what day of the week it is?”

Folks will go off on you. They’ll tell you about how the pot can’t talk about the kettle. And there you are, with the wrong menu on the wrong day. Folks will be like, “I’ma take my business elsewhere to a place where they can read the days of the week and match it up with the food I likes to eat!”

And that’s how it is on the Twitter. Folks look at the trends the same way they look at the menu at a restaurant.

They expect certain things to be there on certain days of the week. Just like folks want their tacos on Tuesday and baby back ribs on Friday, folks on the Twitter want their #FridayFeeling and #funfactfriday on Friday and their #SaturdayMorning on Saturday.

Folks stop doing business with you when you start messing up simple things like matching the right food up with the right day of the week, or matching the right hashtag with the right day of the week.

Mix matching is bad for business, I tell ya; mm-hmm!

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