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Twitter let questions for prostitutes trend
by Nathan'ette Burdine: January 5, 2018

The Questions for Prostitutes hashtag didn’t go over too well with folks on the Twitter.

Folks saw that hashtag and immediately asked, “What the fuck?” No pun intended on the fuck part.

But that’s what folks were thinking. Here, you have the Me Too hashtag and the women folks and the men folks talking about their experiences of being sexually harassed and or rape and the psychological, emotional effect on them and their love ones.

And then Twitter turns around and decides to let trend a hashtag called Questions for Prostitutes.

Anybody who’s been living long enough and has good sense about himself/herself knows that prostitution is a field that reduces the being down to an object to be used for the mere emotional satisfaction of another person.

It turns the human body into a tool for pimps and Johns to use as they see fit. Prostitution is a dehumanizing field of work that has claimed women and men as its victims.

These folks find themselves in this unfortunate line of work not by their choosing, but due to a criminal and or criminal organization forcing them into it.

Or, in other cases, folks take up prostitution because the economy is so bad that it is the quickest way for them to get the extra money they need in order to pay the bills.

Mind you, prostitution is not a field that is only occupied by the uneducated, poor class of folks.

It is a field with educated folks as well. But most importantly, prostitution is one of the oldest and most demoralizing professions there is because it reduces our fellow human beings down to mere objects to be used for the gratification of another.

Below are some tweets about Twitter’s decision to let trend the hashtag Questions for Prostitutes.

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