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Old Men Fighting;

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Two old men were fighting at
the Pre-Emmy Awards party
by Nathan'ette Burdine: September 18, 2018

That’s ashame right there. Two ol’ men were fighting at a Pre-Emmy Awards party.

And those two ol’ men were none other than AARP members Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett.

The two ol’ fellas ran around there, carrying on, trying to beat up on each other.

Being the 59-year-old man that he is, Tom Arnold got on the Twitter and tweeted about it.

Mark Burnett’s wife, Roma Downey, denies her man was the one acting like a wild buck hall fool.

Downey tweeted that Arnold was abusive and that she has the bruise to show she was not touched by an angel.

Arnold, however, says Downey is a “lie” and that she tried to get rid of the evidence that her husband choked him down like a dog in the street after she knocked a phone out of director/producer Bryan Fogel’s hand.

Arnold also says that actor Kevin Bacon and his daughter Sosie Bacon witness all of that hell raising and carrying on going on over there.

The word is out that Burnett, who produced Celebrity Apprentice , is mad at Arnold because he’s been going around telling folks that he has dumpster truck dirt on Burnett’s BFF, Donald “Donald John” Trump Sr., which he, Arnold, will be unloading tonight on The Hunt For The Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold . The show will be airing on VICELAND, which is known for showing shows about humans’ vices.

Trump says all of this is a whole bunch of covfefe and that he’s never done anything dirty in his life.

Arnold says Trump is a lie and he knows stuff. The stuff Arnold claims to know is about how Trump talked about everybody on the Celebrity Apprentice show worse than they talked about the child of God.

Magician, Penn Jillette , backed up one of the rumors about how Trump would bad mouth folks with a lot of melanin in their skin.

Jillette, however, quickly reversed and said that he can’t say all that he wants to say because Trump lucked up and become the nation’s POTUS.

But if Trump wasn’t so lucky to become number 45, Jillette claims he would’ve gladly told it all.

Along with talking about folks with a lot of color, Trump is also accused of dissing actress Marlee Matlin, who lost her hearing as a child, and his son Eric Trump, who’s just lost.

Trump has allegedly called both Matlin and his youngest child from Ivana Trump retards.

Now…anyone with good sense knows that a person who lost her hearing as a child and is able to become and maintain a successful acting career is not someone who is incapable of processing and applying information in a reasonable manner.

As for lil’ Eric, I don’t talk about people children. I do, however, talk about ol’ men running around here acting like foolish young men.

Arnold and Burnett are both AARP members who are way too old to be running around here fighting.

Hell, at their age, they can barely get up in the morning. Their bones be making all kinds of crackling pop sounds.

So y’all know if they can barely move their legs to get out of the bed in the morning then trying to throw a punch ain’t gonna do nothing but knock them out.

Now, I don’t think that fight was about that “Pee-Pee” tape. I think the fight was about two lil’ ol’ fuzzy duds just keeping up ruckus, while trying to prove they have the strength of a young man.

That’s what those two lil’ ol’ devils were doing, mm-hmm.

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