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President Joe Biden Speaker Nancy Pelosi;
Speaker Nancy P.
Pelosi has invited President Joseph R.
Biden to address
a Joint Session of Congress
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo;
Over a majority of
New Yorkers say
Andrew Cuomo
should not run
for a fourth
term as governor
California Govenor Gavin Newsom;
Gavin Newsom says his progressive policies are why Republicans are
trying to recall him

California Governor Gavin Newsom smiling;

California Governor Gavin Newsom

Two polls show Gavin Newsom’s
chances increasing of beating
the recall
bby Nathan'ette Burdine: September 4, 2021

California Governor Gavin Newsom got some good news, this week, after two polls came out showing him keeping his job for at least another year after the September 14, 2021, recall.

A poll by Survey USA/San Diego Union-Tribune has Gavin Newsom up by 8 percentage points, and the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) poll has him up by 19 percentage points.

Gavin Newsom has several things going for him and he has several things going against him. Let’s start with the things he has going for him:
    1. Gavin Newsom is the only Democrat on the ticket.
    2. He is running in a deep blue state.
    3. His opponents are all Republicans.
    4. The leading Republican in the race is the Republican’s hype man
        Larry Elder.

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Democrats will most likely vote to keep Gavin Newsom, with all of his flaws, because they don’t want a hype man representing them in their deep blue state.

Now, let’s look at the things that Gavin Newsom has going against him:

    1. His lockdowns that have left several small to medium size
        business to be forever shutdown.
    2. His forcing folks to eat dinner in their homes, while he and his
        ate dinner outside his home at The French Laundry.
    3. The homeless moving in on the beaches and the grasses of the
        folks living in the suburbs.

All of these bad things have done nothing but make some Californians think a Republican may be the best thing for them in their deep blue state. Gavin Newsom is counterpunching that by reminding folks that they will be picking Republican hype man Larry Elder to represent them.

Sure, a lot of folks have lost their life savings, their businesses, their jobs, their homes but losing all of those things won’t compare to having an alleged woman beater, woman hater, and Trump lover as their governor. At least, that is what California Governor Gavin Newsom wants folks to believe.

And the not so golden image of Republican hype man Larry Elder as a stereotypical Republican who hates all women is one that, according to the two polls, Gavin Newsom is doing a good job of convincing enough Californians that they don’t want or need representing them in their Golden State.


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