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Under the Radar
Jason Alexander is chillaxing;
Chucky busting out of the good guy package;
Those Energizer batteries got Chucky

Minion holding a banana;
The minion knows what a banana is

Kitten with headphones on his head;
He's rockin' out to an
also dope beat
Bruce Lee Smiling;
Don't let that smile
fool you, now
A cartoon drawing of the devil laughing and running away from humans after making the Earth hot as hell;
The devil letting the
hot air out of hell is
what caused the
heat wave

Woman has a sneaky look on her face;
Woman admits to praying for the polar vortex to come

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz;
Howard Schultz says Elizabeth Warren asked him for money

Human Compost Worm Food;
This picture of human compost reminds folks they'll become worm food

Black Bear;
Why do humans like feeding bears?!

Shaking My Head;
This is the only response you need to give to this week's news

North Korean South Korean Summit;
Kim Jong-un is allowing inspections of the same nuclear facilities that were inspected back in May

Donald Trump;
Donald Trump said Christine Blasey Ford is a very credible witness

Brett Kavanaugh Red Eyes;
National Drink Beer Day is Brett Kavanaugh's favorite day

Senator Diane Feinstein;
Diane Feinstein does not like the protesters but she loves Brett Kavanaugh

Jeff Sessions Cartoon
 Jeff Sessions be like

Cat Wearing A Bow Tie;
It's National Bow Tie Day!

Satanic Statue;
Religious freedom gives devil worshippers the right to protest the Ten Commandments

Jack Nicholson
There is only one reaction to give when asked if you want an IHOb hamburger

Peter Strzok;
It took them three days to tell us about Peter Strzok being fired

Jared Kushner;
Jared Kushner gets himself into a lot of mess

Michael Avenatti Anthony Scaramucci;
Michael Avenatti and Anthony Scaramucci are all smiles in picture before appearing on LSSC

Justin Trudeau's socks;
Justin Trudeau had on some funny looking socks

Donald Trump Donkey Hotey;
Donald Trump says he's given over a million pages of documents to Robert Mueller

Prostitute leaning into a man's car;
Twitter let questions for prostitutes trend

Tony Barbieri Jake Byrd;
The funny thing about Tony Barbieri crashing Roy Moore's church campaign rally

Homer Simpson
The top five reasons why men cook

Vladimir Putin Donald Trump G20;
Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump don't look too happy

Vladimir Putin Donald Trump Chris Chris;
This explains why Chris Christie ate that meatloaf

Barack Obama on Vacation; Hillary Clinton James Snyder; Donald Trump Pouting;
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are sooo happy

Raymond Moore;
When you become the "it" that happens

Ashley Santos;
It's not often you hear a woman say she isn't the baby's mama

Cheating Woman;
Yes, Women Cheat Too

Pizzas and weddings do not go together

President Obama calls Steven Colbert "Bill"

A British woman hides money in her underwear

Russia didn't ban the importation of alcohol from the West

Some South Carolina prisoners try to use
drones in order to sneak cigarettes and marijuana into a prison

A dog in Colorado loses his Obamacare health insurance