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Wendy Williams should've read Andrea Thompkins' social media posts before dissing black folks
by Nathan'ette Burdine: July 15, 2016

If gossip queen Wendy Williams had taken the time to read ACE Media President and CEO Andrea Holmes Thompkins’ social media posts, Williams would have known that trying to diss black folks was not a good idea.

Williams got herself in a shit barrel of trouble after she decided to imply that black folks are just as guilty of racism as white folks.

Williams, who was responding to Jesse Williams’ BET Awards acceptance speech, told her audience that it’s offensive to have historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and the National Association for the Advancement of Color People (NAACP) around in today’s time.

Or, as she put it, “I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically black colleges. What if there was the National organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP.”

The gossip queen, who is an African-American, doesn’t know that HBCU’s and the NAACP were formed by white and black Americans who recognized that the Jim Crow Era they were living in was not welcoming to black folks.

The Jim Crow Era was born after the Plessy vs. Ferguson case became law, which made “separate but equal” ok.

And in response to “separate but equal” being the rule of the land, good hearted black and white folks decided they would form universities and an organization that would educate and be an advocate for black folks.

Unlike white folks living during the Jim Crow Era, black folks were not allowed to enjoy the full benefits from the social contract call the Bill of Rights.

And being the gossip queen that she is, Williams didn’t know any of this. Unfortunately for Williams, her ignorance about African-American history didn’t go over too well with the woman who helped her net a big sponsorship with Chevrolet.

Thompkins negotiated the sponsorship deal with Williams and Chevrolet.

Several media sources are saying that Thompkins is not too happy with Williams’ comments insinuating that HBCU’s and the NAACP are no different than all white organizations, like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), that are for one racial group only.

Williams’ lack of knowledge about her African-American history and how the terrorist organization, the KKK, was used to make sure that black folks stayed in their place by staying out of white folks’ space has resulted in Thompkins convincing Chevrolet not to do any business with the gossip queen.

Williams, of course, could have avoided all of this. All she had to do was to read Thompkins’ social media posts.

Thompkins praised Jesse Williams for his speech about how racism continues to give life to the poisonous fruit of hate.

Thompkins tweeted, “Meaningful call 2 action, Jesse Williams, Monday it is.”

While on her Facebook page, Thompkins wrote about the two black men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, who were killed by white police officers.

Thompkins posted on her Facebook page, “This theory of ‘serve and protect’ has become completely irrelevant. The new norm is a cowardly mentality and carry a GUN gives the empowering authority, to harass, disrespect, MURDER, have no accountability and continue to collect a check…WELCOME TO SYSTEMATIC RACISM at its best.”

Unfortunately for Williams, her decision to not read any of Thompkins’ post has made her (Wendy Williams) unattractive to the woman (Andrea Holmes Thompkins) who negotiated a sponsorship deal which is now null and void.

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