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Woman rates her bad date a
7 out of 10
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 20, 2018

Uhhh…folks tend to rate a bad date below a five. But this one gal named Carley, unh-unh.

Carley decided to do things differently and rate her bad date a 7 out of 10.

Carley is a 32-year-old educated woman who has a real good job, with benefits, as a nurse practitioner.

She went out on a date with this fella, who she met at a party, by the name of Michael.

Carley didn’t really say what type of work Michael (Mikey Mike, Mikey Boy) does for a living. But, that’s ok.

The two conversed the way normal folks do today, which is by texting.

        "I like you.”
        “I like you too. Hey, let’s go out to eat.”

After all of those “ I like you, you like me, aww you’re so cute” text messages, the two met up for some grub.

Everything was everything and going good until they went in and sat at the bar.

According to Carley, it was during their sit down at the bar that the real Mikey Mike decided to show up.

The real Mikey Mike, based on what Carley said, has a lot of issues. And when a person has a lot of issues, those issues tend to come out early so they can all make themselves known.

Michael’s issues were like, “We like to let folks know we’re here. No need to string you a long. We like to hurry up and get on with the show. That’s the polite thing to do.”

Control was the first issue to politely come out. Control was subtle, not loud, just cool in being the way it is.

Control waited for an opening which came after the bartender asked Carley and Michael what they wanted to drink.

Here’s how Carley described it, “When the bartender asked what I wanted to drink, Michael jumped in, just as I was about to open my mouth to answer, and said, we would wait until we ordered our meals.”

Carley says she was “taken a back” by Michael’s response but that she just let it go in order to have somewhat of a decent evening.

The first question that would have popped up in my mind is, “Why does this boy think he has to order my drink? Does he not have any money? If so, just say it and I’ll pay for my own drink; which is what I would’ve done anyway.”

Because you see folks, a person tries limiting how much you can get when he doesn’t have enough money to get whatever it is you’re trying to get.

And Michael came across this way. He acted like somebody who doesn’t have enough money to take himself and his date out on a date.

Also, due to insecurity, which I’ll talk about shortly, being one of Mikey boy’s issues, it’s not surprising that he wouldn’t want his little pride hurt because he can’t afford the check.

That’s why Michael did what any controlling, insecure person would do. He controlled the situation so Carley wouldn’t know that he is the “shituation.”

Here Michael is, a young man out on a date with an educated woman who can afford her own place, her own car, and her own food.

Michael, on the other hand, probably can’t afford none of the above. Hell, the money he got for that date probably came from his mama and daddy who are most likely providing him with room, board, and food.

That’s why that insecurity pops up. Michael knows who he is and how he compares to this woman who can afford himself.

Hell, he has to do something to convince himself that he is in control. And what better way to convince himself that he is the Don Dada than to let insecurity pop up.

Boooyyy, that insecurity, I tell ya. It has a funny way of showing up. With Michael and Carley, Michael’s insecurity decided it would show up while the two were being seated.

According to Carley, she had chosen a seat. And just as she was about to sit down, Michael looks over, like a child, letting her know he wanted that chair.

Recognizing that Michael just had to sit where she was going to sit, Carley gave in and let him sit in her chair.

Carley said she saw that as “sort of weird,” which is an understatement.

A grown man who wants to switch seats with you is still on the titty. Grown folks don’t wait for other grown folks to sit down and then tell them they want their seat. That’s stuff that children do. That ain’t what grown folks do.

So when you come across a grown man or a grown woman who wants to switch seats with you just because he or she likes your seat better, you better take the first door marked exit because something’s just not right.

Carley knew something wasn’t right with Michael. He kept telling her what to eat and what to drink.

Carley finally got tired of it and told him she was going to have what she wanted to have to drink.

Michael’s response, “If that’s what you want.” In other words Michael was saying, “You are being a poopy head.”

Carley said that she picked up he didn’t like her not getting the drink he wanted her to have.

She refused to pay it any never mind, though. Carley just wanted to get on with the night so she could go to the peace and comfort of her home.

Carley says Michael paid for the dinner. Who’s money did Michael use to pay for the dinner? I don’t know.

But with the way she describes the poor fella, it’s most likely his mama’s and daddy’s money.

At any rate, Carley and Michael went walking and talking. As soon as they were done walking and talking, Michael asked Carley if she would venture out on the town with him again. And she said, “No.”

Needless to say, Michael didn’t like that. And being the controlling insecure human being that he is, Michael had to let her know that he was just being nice and that he “wasn’t very attracted” to her anyway.

That’s what Carley, who rated her date a 7 out of 10 with controlling, insecure Michael, said that Michael said about her.

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