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Nathan'ette Burdine's Photo August 17, 2015

Yes, Women Cheat Too
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 18, 2015

The Ashley Madison website is proof in the pudding that women have been cheating just as long as men have.

The site’s creator, Noel Biderman, told The Chronicle that he noticed that women didn’t have as many places as men had to explore their sexual fantasies with someone who is not their significant other.

So Biderman decided back in 2001 that he would create a site where women could explore their sexual desires.

Biderman’s suppling of the “special service” to his female clientele has resulted in the Ashley Madison website growing into a $160 million dollar business, with 35.5 million plus members in 46 countries.

This will come as a surprise to the men who society has conditioned to believe that it isn’t in their precious dames’ nature to look at another gent.

After all, “A man will be a man” and he can’t help but get himself a little something on the side.

A woman, however, is prim and proper and it’s just not in her nature to cheat. At least, that’s what people before the 1970s believe.

During that time, the very thought of a woman cheating was taboo. Never did it cross the minds of the upstanding folks that a man couldn’t cheat unless he had another woman to cheat with.

But women, especially those in committed relationships, have always known that a fast tail hussy is always on the lookout for another woman’s man.

The only difference between the old days and now is that sites like Ashley Madison have pulled back the curtains and revealed what women have always known.

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